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Comanche Trace

The Social Connection

Posted by admin on February 1, 2014 at 2:08 AM

New Member Lead Event Committee at Comanche Trace

We are a group of friends who entertain, dine together, play golf together, and do just about everything together.

As we age, we want to stay on premise to have dinner and share a few drinks without having to drive out of our neighborhoods; thus, the Social Connection was born. With the help of a few of the executive team at Comanche Trace (Diane Hagne, Food and Beverage Director; Joni Peterson, Event Coordinator; and Carolyn Brown, Executive Chef) we hope to expand on the already abundant entertainment and fun at Comanche Trace.

We have all come from clubs that had many social activities for their members. Utilizing our newly remodeled Vista Room, which can accommodate two hundred people comfortably, as well as our wonderful restaurant and events staff, we want to develop a calendar of events that will bring our community closer together in our local setting.

New homes are being built at Comanche Trace and club membership continues to grow. We are looking for ways to meet new residents and welcome new members to our community. Some of the ideas that we have discussed are a Summer Kick-off Party at the pool, Gourmet Night once a month in the Vista Room, Cooking Classes taught by Executive Chef, Carolyn Brown, Holiday Events, a Kentucky Derby event, Bingo Night, as well as golf rounds paired with dining at the Pinnacle Grill. At the moment these are just ideas manifested out of our brainstorming sessions. If you are a Comanche Trace member and would like to offer any suggestions or comments, please share them with anyone of us as you see us around the club or on the course. Or you can send an email to Marian Ezel(tmezell@stx.rr.com) or Joan Spear (rnspea123@aol.com).

We will see you at the next event -



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