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Comanche Trace

The Basenji

Posted by admin on June 1, 2012 at 4:16 AM

The barkless dog from Africa"

Thanksgiving 2011 Niles and I (Cinny) moved to Comanche Trace in the Texas Hill Country with our human companions, Kay and Jeff Krebs. It was a difficult decision to leave the snow, ice, and frozen tundra of Wisconsin for Texas, but Niles and I were brave and “ talked” Kay and Jeff into it.

Well, we would have “talked” them into it, but we are known as “the barkless dog from Africa”. We are an ancient breed, and it is believed that our kind was first discovered in Egypt, where some researchers feel they were depicted in hieroglyphics. Even though we cannot bark,we can howl and yodel; well, Niles is really good at it, me not so much. Niles and I are tough critters, as we are both rescue dogs. Niles came fromthe wilds of western Iowa and I was captured on the streets of Ashley, NC.

You should also know that our breed didn’t arrive in the United States until 1937. The American Kennel Club describes us as ‘lightly built, finely boned, aristocratic looking animals, always poised, alert and intelligent, with a wrinkled head, pricked ears and a tightly curled tail’.

I don’t know about that AKC stuff, but I know that we love living here in Comanche Trace and walking the beautiful trails with our parents. If you should see us, please stop and introduce yourself. We can always use another good petting.


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