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Comanche Trace

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Inspiration for Us All

It is a very fortunate family who finds what makes their heart glad. Frank and Glenda Bumpus have found ways to feed their souls throughout their life together. Family, art, and truly helping others are all excellent ways to nourish the spirit – Frank and Glenda are involved with all of them everyday.

Just sitting down and talking with Frank and Glenda is like a trip into peace. They have had quite a ride. This story starts in Highland Village near Dallas, where Frank and Glenda lived with their four daughters Lorie, Amy, Leah, and Deanna until the girls were grown and out on their own. An opportunity to purchase an art gallery in Breckenridge, Colorado came up and they moved. Frank and Glenda were avid skiers so this was like a long vacation of 15 years. During this time, they represented some fabulous artists and sold art to clients all over the world. Among others, they represented Bruce Campbell, who creates phenomenal public structures and private art pieces from salvaged industrial forms. One of his paintings hangs in the Bumpus’ dining room. (You can see his work on his website - www.brucecampbellart.com.) Another art star in their gallery was Gini Garcia of Garcia Art Glass - www.garciaartglass.com. You can visit her at her San Antonio studio. A stellar example of her work is the dining room chandelier in the Bumpus’ home. It is very hard to concentrate on food with all of the wonderful art feeding your soul in their dining room.

During their time in Colorado, they became involved with a community church that did outreach work in Juarez, Mexico. The church built homes for people who needed a hand up in life. The Bumpus family participated in trips to build these homes. A fellow church member made the decision to adopt two children from Peru and during that process met Padre Jose and learned of the need for housing for abused women in the town of Manchay. Frank accompanied his fellow congregration member and soon to be new mother on a home building trip to Peru to help with the building process. He then went back a second time to build a classroom. During those trips the plight of these families living in what can only be described as “terrible conditions” led Frank to ask if he could return and build very simple homes. Eight years ago he built the first three homes with the help of volunteers and family, including his daughters, a granddaughter, brother, sister, niece and a nephew. Frank raised the money required and notes that 100% of the money that he raises is dedicated to building and furnishing the homes.

Frank explained the selection process for the families –  women with children who have been abandoned or widowed by their husbands, a single father who was abandoned by his wife, and indigent elderly people with no place to live – consists of a committee of Padre Jose, a psychiatrist who works with the school, and nuns who work with the families. The one firm condition is that the family must own the land where the home is to be built. All homes are built and furnished at no cost to the family. Thus far, Frank and his volunteers have provided thirty-five homes. He makes two trips a year to Peru to build three to five homes. Manchay is a city of 50,000 people. There are few roads and very little running water in the neighborhoods where he builds. He has so many great stories to tell of gratitude and new lives that come from just having a decent place to live. One grandmother was so excited about having an actual stove to cook food inside she said, “The first meal is for you, Frank”. Frank has many heartwarming stories of the children and he tells them with such joy. He will be happy to talk with you about it. Check out his website - www.thefamilyofmankind.com.

Frank and Glenda found their way to Comanche Trace when they saw an ad in Links magazine. One of their daughters lives in San Antonio and when they traveled to visit her, they passed through Kerrville on I-10. After making the decision to move to Texas to be closer to their daughters, Links inspired them to stop and take a look at Comanche Trace. They came for a “Stay and Play” to check out the lifestyle and, a few months later, purchased a lot. After meeting with Centurion Homes, they built their home and furnished it with wonderful art. Frank and Glenda both enjoy golf and the social activities that Comanche Trace has to offer. Glenda recently has discovered the Hill Country Arts Foundation where she and friends from the Ladies Golf Association are taking hand built pottery classes. Family, art, and all the new friends they have made in Peru and Comanche Trace have all helped put the cherry on top of satisfied souls.

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