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Comanche Trace

Pet Profile

Posted by admin on October 1, 2013 at 3:09 AM

Hi I’m Bixie, a Siberian Husky mix.

While I used to live at an airport in Uvalde and roamed free on 20 acres, I have adapted quite well to Comanche Trace.

My fenced-in yard at the end of Rock Barn Drive allows me to patrol the golf cart path. Several neighbors carry dog treats in their pockets and are suckers for my wagging tail. The green space behind the house is a very popular spot for the neighborhood dogs to visit. When my favorite dogs, Rufus, Maggie, Zeus and Sheba are on their walks, my owner, Barbara Woodman, takes me out to visit.

My favorite part of Comanche Trace is the hiking trail that winds around the Pinnacle Club. We make the trek 4 to 5 times a week. If it weren’t for the dog-gone leash, I would have lots of fun chasing deer. In the summertime, we try to get out well before 7 am so we can enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

My other favorite thing is kids. All the children in the neighborhood know my name and always stop and give me a good head pet when they pass by on their bikes. During the school year I go to Tom Daniels Elementary School for Canine Literacy. The kids have read some pretty cool stories to me.

While Barbara keeps telling me that I don’t own the golf cart path, I keep a pretty good eye on it. You are welcome to visit any time, with or without a dog treat.


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