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M & Pooh Rickert

Posted by admin on December 1, 2012 at 3:11 AM

Hi, we are M and Pooh Rickert, and we live with Curt and Polly on Indian Wells Drive. We are not related to each other but we are best friends, and go everywhere together.

I’m M, and I’m half Australian Kelpie, a quarter Border Collie, and a quarter Blue Heeler. Basically this means that I herd and guard everything, and I can really bark when I want to. I don’t like the UPS truck much, so I bark at that the most. I only stay in the yard because I don’t want to get caught outside, but don’t tell Curt and Polly about that.

Pooh is a standard poodle, but you won’t know it by her haircut. Polly likes to keep her cut really short because she gets a lot of grass burrs and stickers when we are out at the ranch. Polly doesn’t like to pick them out and I don’t think Pooh likes it much either. Pooh doesn’t know how to play with toys like I do, she barks for no reason and can’t seem to stop once she starts. She’s kind of goofy but I like her anyway.

Maybe you have seen us around the neighborhood, running alongside Curt’s bicycle. We get out pretty early in the morning, and Curt keeps us in really good shape by making us do sprints. We love stopping at the Jones’ house on Rock Barn because we get to say “Hi” to Molly and Emmett.

We have two favorite things – going to the ranch and going to Dogologie, our store in Fredericksburg.

We go to the ranch with Curt and Polly and love to hunt and run around. We chase hogs sometimes, which makes Polly nervous, and help retrieve game. We have a great time!

At Dogologie, we are the official store dogs; we hang out there Monday through Wednesday every week. We greet people when they come in the store and get a lot of petting and attention. We also get lots of treats! Dogologie has lots of stuff for dogs, including leashes, collars, clothes, treats, beds, carriers, strollers, toys, and travel stuff. It also has lots of stuff for dog lovers, like T-shirts, hats, bags, and mugs. They carry the biggest selection of breed-specific items in the area – over 200 breeds!

But the best thing about Dogologie is that they love to have dogs in the store. They even have The Dog Pause, a place where dogs can take a break while their owners shop and eat, right in the store!

So, if you're ever in Fredericksburg, stop by the store and see if we're there; we'll even let you pet us if you're good.

148 East Main St. #B
Fredericksburg, TEXAS 78624


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