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Kerrville & The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is made up of some of the most majestic natural scenery in the United State and is one of Texas’s little know treasures. This elevated region is unlike any other part of the state. The rolling hills and mild climate remind some of the Tuscany region of the Mediterranean. Aside from its natural beauty, the Hill Country is a hub for many other unique features and attractions. There is a bourgeoning wine and vineyard scene here, second only to California. You will also find abundant arts and culture in the way of dining, shops, museums, art galleries, and theaters, to name a few.

All who live in the Texas Hill Country are blessed to be surrounded by its clear spring fed rivers, tree covered hills, parks, lakes, wildlife, and wonderful weather, but living in Kerrville provides the added advantage of being in the middle of it all.

Travel sixty miles in any direction and along the way you will find interesting attractions that will be sure to peak your interests.

Wineries & Wine Events

Wine Spectator and other publications have endorsed the wineries of the Texas Hill Country, declaring the area one of the top ten wine destinations in the world. 

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Museums & Theaters

You may be surprised to find that Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country are full of destinations exhibiting high culture and fine arts. The locations described below are just a few of the ones you should make a point to visit.

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Kerrville and the surrounding area are the home to several excellent state-of-the-art, award winning health care facilities.

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Nature & Recreation

The Texas Hill Country is defined by its natural beauty of all kinds. Whether you are a fair weather camper or RV’er or an avid naturalist, you will find some of the best of both worlds here. 

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Higher Learning

Schreiner University, a growing Presbyterian-related liberal arts college with 1,117 students and more than 100 faculty, is known for excellent academic programs and for making a private-school education accessible to students of all income levels. 

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Kerrville’s year-round tourist-friendly weather makes it the perfect place to visit anytime, and enjoy the numerous events that make up Kerrville’s calendar. There is always something going on for visitors, and residents alike.

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Kerrville is very proud of its excellent schools – both public and private. There is a passion for learning here that is contagious. Students are expected to excel and they do. From their beginning in kindergarten through graduation from high school, students are on a path to learning and participation that teaches them not only the basics, but how to work in groups toward common goals.

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Summer Camps

There is one industry that likely brings more residents than any other to Kerrville and Kerr County: summer camps. Over and again you will hear new residents of the Hill Country say they first heard of this area when they were a child and attended summer camp here. "I fell in love with the place then," they’ll often say. "And I knew one day I had to live here."

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Points of Interest

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