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Comanche Trace

Golf Update

Posted by Tony on August 1, 2012 at 4:01 AM

"The summer here at Comanche Trace has been full of great events and fun

In june and July we hosted the Kid Comanche Camp, and both camps this year were a great success. Colby Cobb, Mac Wylie, and I taught the golf instruction, while Chris Morales taught tennis. The camp began on Tuesday and finished on Friday with a big pizza party and a last dip in the pool. The kids were enthusiastic and we saw some impressive talent on the golf course and tennis courts. This year we had some new faces who experienced Kid Comanche for the first time and also some Juniors who have come each year.

Ladies Club Champion for 2012
Also, in June, the ladies teed off to see who would be crowned the Ladies Club Champion for 2012. After round one, Barbara Lipe was leading the field but was closely followed by Cheryl Wood and Michelle Tomlinson. Barbara Lipe shot a 90 and an 83 for a total of 173, making her our new Ladies Club Champion. Tied for second were Cheryl Wood and Michelle Tomlinson, and in fourth was Trish Butler. Congratulations to Barbara for her outstanding play and her new parking spot.

The Senior Club Championship
We hosted another club event in June called, “The Senior Club Championship.” This tournament was played over three days and all three course rotations for all the players in the Championship Flight. Defending champion, Mike Lewis, got off to a great start with an opening round of 70 followed by Dennis Emerson with a 73. Over the next two rounds, Dennis Emerson rallied back the last nine holes to finish in a tie with Mike Lewis on the last hole. After three sudden death tied holes, Dennis Emerson sank a thirty-foot birdie putt on #8 of the hills to defeat Mike Lewis. In the President’s flight, Bill Page won first with a net 73 on day one and a net 66 on day two. Bill Novak finished second in that flight with a net 68 on day one and net 78 on day two. In the Vice President’s flight, Doug Matey, Jr. finished first with a net 73 on day one and net 69 on day two. Richard Peace finished in second place in that flight with a net 72 on day one and net 73 on day two. Congratulations to Dennis Emerson for winning the 2012 Senior Club Championship and to all those players who took first in their flights.

The TGA State Father/Son Championship
One of the biggest events played during the year for the Texas Golf Association, the TGA State Father/ Son Championship, was held here at Comanche Trace in July. This threeday competitive event was played on the Valley and Hills courses and had some of the most talented amateurs from around Texas. Finishing first in the championship flight was the team of Hunter and Randy Rawls of Lubbock, Texas, who won by one stroke with a combined score of three under par. A popular comment from the players was that our members are so lucky to have access to one of the best courses in Texas. Another comment was, “the best greens I have ever putted on.” Thank you, Members, for your help and support in running this great event. We hope to see this group back at Comanche Trace soon.

Right Around the Corner is the 2012 Men's Member Guest "The Futurity"
The all inclusive three day event will showcase our beautiful golf course, immaculate greens, and our outstanding food and hospitality. This year’s event will encompass a full schedule including a practice round on Thursday for all. During, registration each player will receive a gift. Equipment and soft goods will be available from vendors including Titleist, FootJoy, Taylormade, and Callaway followed by competitive golf on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast and lunch will be served both these days. Following the mens starting times on Friday, we will have a ladies’ day golf tournament beginning at 10:30am with a fun format and lunch following play. On Friday, night we will have a fabulous dinner in the Vista Room, along with complimentary drinks. The golf staff and I are looking forward to making this year’s event a great success and a memorable weekend for our members and their guests. To sign up or to receive further information for this year’s Futurity, please call the golf shop at (830) 895-8500.


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