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Golf Tip - Pitching Yips? Try This!

Posted by Tony on August 1, 2013 at 3:03 AM

Often, when people have trouble hitting pitch shots or even feel like they have the yips, it is not a case of something malfunctioning in their brain; it is a case of having the bottom of the swing hopelessly wrong. Good pitchers (especially off of tight lies) create a very wide bottom of the golf swing. In laymen’s terms, the club head travels close to the ground just prior to impact and just after impact for a long time. People get into trouble when they pick the club up abruptly and chop down; the excessive angle created by doing this requires an immense about of timing in order to hit. The longer the club travels along the ground, the better chance you have of catching the ball cleanly, solidly, and, most importantly, using the bounce of the club correctly. Someone who demonstrated this beautifully was Raymond Floyd. So try keeping the club head below your knees with a half swing; you’ll find you’ll have to swing the club head in a small arc to do this, which is desirable. As you do this, try to keep your body leaning towards your front foot very much as if you were on a down sloping lie.


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