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Comanche Trace

Dear Lifestyle Reader,

Posted by Trevor on October 1, 2014 at 3:01 AM

What a dynamic year we have had at Comanche Trace! Exciting member events and record real estate transactions have added a new level of confidence as we look toward 2015.

Real estate transactions are on track to exceed 2013 (59 as of this writing), including house and lot sales. New construction continues to trend positively as we enter our fourth year of adding twenty-plus new custom homes per year.

As the end of the year approaches, we have some exciting opportunities for property ownership in Comanche Trace. Les Chateaux has opened with fifteen lots, and Anderson Jenkins Signature Homes is currently building 2 homes in the new neighborhood. Offering high energy efficient building products, plus very low water consumption landscaping, Les Chateaux affords a unique style of living in the Hill Country. Look for more information on these and more at ComancheTrace.com.


Everything that Comanche Trace offers its residents has the added benefit of enhancing quality of life for Kerrville through growth in our schools, increased patronage of retailers, as well as arts & entertainment, improved ad valorem tax base, and on and on. Our membership continues to grow as new residents join the club to enjoy all of the benefits of Comanche Trace.

As always, we continue to provide relevant and timely news on happenings around the Hill Country. Visit us soon to claim your stake in the active lifestyle of Comanche Trace!

All the best,

Trevor L. Hyde



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