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Comanche Trace

Canine Literacy

Posted by admin on February 1, 2013 at 3:10 AM

Helping Kids’ Gain Reading Skills, Self-esteem, and Confidence

The idea is simple. Children read a story to a dog; the dog listens attentively while the child reads one or more stories aloud, with their human volunteer looking on. These programs have tremendous benefits for children struggling in school for whatever reason. Not only does the Canine Literacy Program help children learn to read, but it also builds their confidence and selfesteem by encouraging them to become more comfortable reading aloud and speaking in front of an audience.


Last year, the Humane Society assigned Tom Daniels Elementary School to accommodate our wonderful Comanche Trace volunteers. Tom Daniels Elementary School has eight Comanche Trace volunteers with their dogs, plus four more faithful volunteers from around the area, who go every Friday morning for six weeks both in the spring and in the fall to let the children read to the dogs.


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