Comanche Trace Reaches More Milestones

Comanche Trace Realty has been a busy place this year. The 2014 Tour of Homes was a huge success, building and selling of homes and lots has been brisk, and we have contributed to some great local causes.

It is hard to believe that another summer has come and gone. It seems like we just finished celebrating last fall! Comanche Trace Realty has had a very busy year with the Tour of Homes, selling homes and lots, and introducing a lot of new people to our community. Comanche Trace has reached many milestones in 2014. For instance, houses are going up all over the development and we passed the 320 completed homes mark in August. The vast majority of permits for new homes in Kerrville are for Comanche Trace. As of August, 38 transactions for homes or lots have been closed, and there were 15 transactions in escrow. Our tours have increased 20% over the same period last year, and last year was a great year. Inquiries through our website are up 47% over last year, and sales are up again this year!