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Being a Better Putter

Posted by Tony on August 1, 2010 at 4:03 AM

Advances in golf equipment have changed the way we play golf. Golf clubs are engineered to correct misstrikes and balls are designed to create less rotation so players can keep the ball in play more through the green.

Yet the one thing that hasn’t changed is the art of putting. Instead of swinging hard and hoping to hit the longest shot, putting is an art form of feel and solid putts. One of the best techniques used by professionals to hit more solid putts is to put two tees down on both sides of the putter and begin making practice strokes. This will give you an indication as to which way you’re hitting in your follow-through stroke. The best way to gain this feeling is making practice strokes looking at your target and gauging the speed at which you should be stroking the putt. Great putters have always practiced by putting balls while they are looking at the hole. This technique helps players pick up on the touch and the speed of the greens. As all good players will tell you, putting makes almost 45% of the game; so, to become a better golfer and shoot lower scores, put a little time into practicing putting. Then, watch your scores improve!


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