Many people
think that once the
ball is hit, the swing
is over. Being able
to have a well-balanced
finish is one of the key ingredients
to having a good swing. While watching
the players on tour, you should take
notice of their finish; they are all facing
the target and maintaining well balanced
postures over their front leg. Typically,
their hands are up high near their head.
A good drill to help practice your finish
is to start in your set up position and
move into your finish position without
making a backswing. Be sure to hold the
finish a few seconds. Check your balance
and the direction you are facing while in
this position. Then, hit some full shots
while concentrating on your stance and
posture at your finish. As you start to
feel more comfortable with your finish,
some of the other issues in your swing
will start to work themselves out. As you
get better, hold your finish until the ball
lands. You should see your balance and
shot quality improve.